M. Anne Kessinger, M.D.
Easing the pain of bone marrow transplants

Professor and Section Chief of Oncology and Hematolgoy, UNMC

M. Anne Kessinger, M.D.

In 1984, Dr. M. Anne Kessinger, postulated that immature bone marrow stem cells circulating in the bloodstream could be harvested from the blood and used for transplants. Through Kessinger’s ingenuity, the University of Nebraska Medical Center became a leader in the transplants of peripheral adult stem cells, which has become standard practice in treating lymphoma cancer patients. This treatment has become more effective, and much less painful, than the traditional bone-marrow transplants.

In addition to her research with adult stem cells, Kessinger has published extensively on therapeutic approaches for cancers and solid tumors. She also was the 1997 winner of the University of Nebraska Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award.
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