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02/04/2013 Faculty Experts
University of Nebraska faculty can provide the news media with expertise, background and perspective on a wide range of issues -- from medical research to political issues, agriculture and natural resources, energy, transportation, business and ethics, information technology and biosecurity.

Research Nebraska

To find an expert in a specific field, please contact:

Melissa Lee
Director of Communications
Office of the Vice President for University Affairs
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(402) 472-7127

01/31/2013 Publications & Reports

Strategic Framework

Academic Priorities

State of the University Addresses / Annual Reports

Board of Regents Reports

Diversity and Equity

Financial Reports & Audit



01/30/2013 Legislative Information
The University of Nebraska is a state-funded agency, with approximately one-fourth of the operating budget coming from state funds. University representatives meet regularly with legislators to provide information on the financial needs of the university, as well as a variety of policy issues that impact higher education in our state.

In addition, many individuals and organizations who have an interest in maintaining and building the quality of the University of Nebraska serve as informal "ambassadors," contacting state senators and other policy-makers on issues of importance to the university and the State of Nebraska. New ambassadors are always welcome. Read more and/or sign up to be a university ambassador.

Our State Governmental Relations office is the university's link to state government. We track issues of importance and provide information or testimony during and between legislative sessions.

Other information of interest

NU Building Renewal Plan
Become an ambassador
Nebraska's Nursing Shortage
Impact of NU Research
Public Opinion Research

01/30/2013 Strategic Framework
The University of Nebraska Strategic Framework guides university-wide planning to help build and sustain a Nebraska that offers its citizens educational and economic opportunity and a high quality of life.

The framework consists of six inter-related goals emphasizing access and affordability, quality programs, workforce and economic development, research growth, engagement with the state, and accountability. Each goal has related objectives, with strategies and accountability measures developed for Board and university-wide monitoring over a multi-year period.

Each campus has established a set of quality indicators that provide a means to evaluate achievement and momentum related to many of these objectives.

UNO quality indicators
UNK strategic plan
UNMC quality indicators

Strategic Framework
Accountability Measure Report
Strategic Framework Dashboard Indicators

01/30/2013 Communications & Marketing

The communications office of the University of Nebraska is responsible for information regarding the activities of university administration, the Board of Regents and the office of the president.

News releases and media relations, interviews with senior administrators and faculty, university-wide events, and marketing, advertising and public relations activities of the university are handled through this office. The office of communications is also responsible for university-wide identity standards and this Web site.



Vice President, University Affairs

Jackie Ostrowicki
Assistant Vice President for University Affairs and Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications
(402) 472-7130
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Melissa Lee
Director of Communications
(402) 472-7127
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Jenny Reeser
Director of Events
(402) 472-7121
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Stephanie Pistillo
Communications Associate
(402) 472-7863
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News media resource center
University identity standards
Pioneering New Frontiers advertising campaign

01/30/2013 University Affairs
The Office of University Affairs at the University of Nebraska oversees strategic communications and marketing, events, and state and federal government relations for the University system—promoting positive relations and outcomes between the University of Nebraska and its many constituents.

From a government relations perspective, it serves the University in securing funding and substantive legislation that enables NU to provide research, teaching, and service. University Affairs works closely with government officials and their staff at the federal, state, and local levels to advocate issues of importance to the university; it also coordinates legislative priorities for the university. It monitors federal and state legislation that impacts or involves higher education and works with elected officials and government agencies in providing information and research findings that may assist their policy work.

From a communications perspective, University Affairs is responsible for directing NU's communication programs and conducting strategic planning activities. It manages marketing for initiatives that are University-wide—including branding and reputation—and handles all media, open records, and other communication inquiries related to issues that impact the University of Nebraska system. It also integrates and coordinates between the university’s various public relations, communications, publications and news operations and manages any events that support the President and Central Administration.

Matt Hammons
Interim Vice President for University Affairs and Director of Federal Relations
(402) 472-7120
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Erin Cooper
Administrative Associate
(402) 472-3777
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08/03/2007 Media Resource Center

The resource center includes current and archived news releases, media contact information, and the University of Nebraska factbook, which contains statistical information on students, faculty, staff, research, tuition and facilities.

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