Tuire Cechin
Graduate Program Coordinator in Pathology & Microbiology, UNMC

Nominator and manager Kirsten Stites writes that, “Tuire works tirelessly to provide excellent program management, ensuring that students are successful and the (graduate) program is competitive. Tuire brings her strong work ethic to every facet of the program. Not only does she effectively manage the program, but she is a trusted resource.”

Pictured: Vice Chancellor Dele Davies, Larry Cechin, Tuire Cechin, Regent Hassebrook

Kirsten continues to describe how Tuire embodies each one of UNMC’s brand values. “Every day she supports the academic mission of the department and university by providing the highest level of educational experience. The extensive time and preparation that she puts into our program creates an effective operation that delivers outstanding service to our students, faculty and visiting scientists.”

Tuire continues to be a trusted resource within her department as well as the campus. She fosters an environment of learning and communication on a daily basis and has a lasting impact on her constituents.

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