Greg Dorn
Research Technologist II Agronomy and Horticulture at IANR, UNL

Greg is responsible for conducting and supervising the wheat, barley and triticale field research programs. He is responsible for the field program sites, the field research graduate students, student workers, and safety protocols and procedures. He manages a 400-mile wide laboratory with an uncontrollable environment. Greg is responsible for translating new software and equipment into usable technology that can improve research.

Pictured: Vice Chancellor Green, Chancellor Perlman, Greg Dorn, Regent Ferlic, Kristi Dorn, Steve Baenziger, Richard Ferguson

In the last five years, the department has added software that reaches around the world, combines that weigh and take grain measurements as we harvest, and most recently planters that plant seed based upon global positioning satellites. These technologies have made the department’s efforts much more precise – and Greg has done all the work to make this happen.

Greg is an integral part of the UNL Wheat Program; his assistance keeps graduate students on track and organized. He uses his field experience to teach students, often with little previous wheat experience, how to make experiments succeed. He also manages a large crew of graduate students and undergraduate workers, both in field and seed lab operations. Greg’s commitment to excellence was a primary factor in the recent recognition of the UNL wheat breeding project by Bayer Crop Science and state organizations.

Greg is accompanied today by his wife, Kristi Dorn, supervisor, Steve Baenziger, and Professor Richard Ferguson. Please join me in thanking Greg for his dedication to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and to the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture.

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