Board of Regents Schedule, June 6-7, 2003
The following events have been scheduled in conjunction with the June 7 meeting of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents:

Friday, June 6 - Committee Meetings - Varner Hall, 3835 Holdrege St., Lincoln
2:00 p.m. Academic Affairs Committee
Topic: Graduate Education - Key Issues and Trends

Introduction: Jay Noren, Executive Vice President & Provost

Panel: Charles Bicak, Chair and Professor, Department of Biology,
University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK)

Anthony Joern, Professor of Biological Sciences,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)

William Tapprich, Associate Professor of Biology,
University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO)

James Turpen, Chairperson and Professor, Genetics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)

Available for Questions:

Thomas Bragg, Dean for Graduate Studies, UNO

Ken Nikels, Dean for Graduate Studies & Research, UNK

Ellen Weissinger, Executive Associate Dean for
Graduate Studies, UNL

David Crouse, Interim Dean for Graduate Studies, UNMC
3:00 p.m. Committee of the Whole
Topic: Discussion of Budget and Budget Cuts

Speaker: L. Dennis Smith, President
Saturday, June 7
8:30 a.m. Regular June Meeting of the Board of Regents
Board Room, Varner Hall, 3835 Holdrege, Lincoln

Strategic Issue: Fiscal Year 2003-2004 Budget Discussion

Items of Interest:

1. Operating Budget (Item X-B-1). The Board will be asked to approve operating budgets for fiscal years 2003-2004 and 2004-2005, which include increases in tuition of 15% beginning in the fall semester of 2003 and 12% for fall 2004. The proposed budget requires $4,582,596 in cuts in addition to $14,600,000 in cuts previously announced. It includes the 1.75% annual increase appropriated by the legislature for faculty and staff salaries.* It provides funding for increased costs of such essential items as insurance, utilities, postage, and library acquisitions. And it allocates funds for veterinary student contracts with Kansas State University, the Nebraska State Forester, programs of excellence (academic priorities), diversity, and need-based aid. Need-based aid is intended to ensure that the university is accessible to students from low and moderate-income families.

*Please note: Campus chancellors have broad discretion in managing funds appropriated for salaries, including reduction or deferral of salary increases to
help manage budget reductions. No salary increases will be granted the President, Chancellors, Vice Presidents or Vice Chancellors.

2. Tuition (Item X-B-2). The Board will be asked to approve a two-year tuition increase for resident and nonresident students, 15% beginning in the fall semester of 2003 and 12% for the fall semester of 2004. With the new tuition rates, an in-state student taking 15 credit-hours per semester in the 2003-2004 academic year would pay approximately:

$3,847 for one year’s tuition at UNL (23% below peer institutions)
$3,519 at UNO (4.3% below peers)
$3,122 at UNK (14.1% below peers)

These figures include tuition only, and not fees. University of Nebraska Medical Center tuition rates would increase by the same percentages. However, UNMC tuition varies by individual program of study.

Please note the 2003-2004 tuition increases for surrounding states:
  • Kansas 20.7%
  • Missouri 19.8%
  • Iowa 17.6%
  • South Dakota 10.9%
  • Wyoming 2.4%
  • Colorado 10.0% (estimate)
(Source: Kansas City Star survey) 3. Program Mergers (Items X-A-1, 3 and 4). The Board will be asked to approve the following mergers of academic programs:
  • At UNO, the merger of the College of Continuing Studies into the College of Public Affairs and Community Service (cost savings: $150,000 per year).
  • At UNL, the merger of the division of statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics with the Department of Biometry in the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources to form a new Department of Statistics. The existing statistics and biometry units would be eliminated.
  • At UNL, the merger of the Teachers College and the College of Human Resources and Family Sciences to form a new College of Education and Human Sciences (cost savings: $300,000 per year).
The proposed mergers are intended to provide for more effective teaching, learning, and research operations, and to be more cost-effective.

4. Facilities maintenance and renovation. Several proposed projects at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln provide needed safety modifications or remodel existing space to make it more useable. These include replacement of the fire alarm system in Nebraska Hall (Item IX-B-5), the purchase of electrical switchgear equipment to help protect the campus from catastrophic power failures (Item IX-B-6), expansion of useable space and creation of a computer lab in the Natural Resources & Research Complex (Item IX-B-7), and increasing the size of the 14th and Avery parking structure (Item IX-B-10). These items result from the ongoing need to ensure safety, perform required maintenance, and make the best possible use of existing facilities.

5. Use of facilities revenue bonds for a new residence hall and expanded Selleck Hall dining area (Item X-B-8). The board will be asked to approve issuance of revenue bonds to expand the dining facilities at the Selleck residence hall and to construct a new apartment-style residence hall at 16th and Y Streets in Lincoln. Both projects are part of a University of Nebraska-Lincoln master plan for student residence hall improvements. The board has previously reviewed the master plan. Revenue bonds in the amount of $45.5 million would be issued to fund these two projects. Please note: No state tax dollars would be used for this project.

6. Student Housing at UNMC (Item X-B-13). The board will be asked to approve construction of a 60-unit student apartment building on the campus of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The apartments, to be built at 38th and Jackson Streets in Omaha, would address the need for up-to-date and secure student housing Three houses and a six-plex apartment building, all in deteriorating condition, would be torn down to accommodate the new building. The cost, $4.85 million, will be paid from rental income.
Please note: No state tax dollars would be used for this project.

7. Library Depository/Retrieval Center (Item X-B-10). The Board will be asked to approve a new library storage facility, to be built on the UNL East Campus. The $3.6 million structure will serve all four University of Nebraska campuses, storing infrequently used library materials in a safe and environmentally secure facility. Federal indirect-cost funds, provided to support university research infrastructure needs, would be used to pay for the facility. A centralized facility serving all campuses would save money over time because it would eliminate the need for leased off-campus storage facilities, allow the closing of three branch libraries, and eliminate duplication of materials. Please note: No state tax dollars would be used for this project.

8. Huskers Authentic License & Royalty Agreement (Item X-B-12). The Board will be asked to approve a license and royalty agreement with Collegiate Marketing Services, Inc. to operate the retail sports apparel and memorabilia store currently operated by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Under the agreement, UNL would no longer own inventory or have management responsibility for the store. The university would retain the ability to oversee certain quality control and customer service aspects of the business. The store would continue to operate in its current location in the parking structure near the West Stadium.

9. Assignment of right to purchase Cushman property (Item X-B-11). The Board will be asked to approve assignment by the University of Nebraska Foundation of its right to purchase two parcels of real estate comprising a portion of the former Cushman plant site at 900 North 21st Street in Lincoln. Approval of this agenda item would authorize the President of the University of Nebraska to execute a reciprocal indemnity agreement with Cushman, Inc. to protect the university against claims related to hazardous materials on the site. The purchase price of $4.9 million would be paid with a combination of Foundation funds, Antelope Valley Project Funds, and a university trust fund established by a private estate. The property would be used to help meet UNL’s increasing need for research facility sites.
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