NU Board of Regents to meet June 14
The University of Nebraska Board of Regents will meet on Thursday, June 14, at Varner Hall, 3835 Holdrege St., Lincoln. Committee and task force meetings begin at 8 a.m. and the board meeting begins at 1 p.m.

In morning sessions, the Board of Regents will hear presentations on state funding, the operating budget, tuition recommendations and upcoming capital improvement projects.

The capital improvement update will provide information about: the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Dentistry, located on the East Campus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; expansion and renovation of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation facility at the University of Nebraska at Omaha; and a real estate purchase and transfer to acquire Omaha Public Power District property adjacent to the southwest edge of the UNMC campus. The update also includes a proposal to renovate and update the 85-year-old Whittier Building near UNL to operate a modern research laboratory, office, and child care facility for use by UNL faculty, staff and students.

Also in morning sessions, the Board will be briefed on the proposed University operating budget and tuition increase. President James B. Milliken will recommend the approval of a 5 percent tuition increase for 2007-08, plus the 1 percent tuition assessment necessary to provide matching funds for NU building renovations authorized by LB 605. If the proposed increase is enacted, a resident undergraduate student would pay $9.50 more per credit hour at UNL, $8.75 more per credit hour at UNO and $7.75 more at UNK.

Last year a similar tuition increase at NU fell below the increases at comparative institutions, and the total tuition rates at UNL, UNO and UNK remained considerably below the average of their campus peers. Also, Milliken pointed out, additional financial aid will be available next year from reallocated University funds through the Tuition Assistance Program, $1 million in appropriations from the Legislature, and a significant increase in the Pell Grant for each eligible student.

“One of the keys for economic opportunity for Nebraskans is affordable access to a quality education, and that is our priority at the University of Nebraska,” Milliken said. “We know that affordability is already a barrier to some, and we have set a goal of keeping tuition increases moderate and predictable, and increasing the amount of financial aid.”

If approved, the University will have kept tuition increases for the past three consecutive years considerably lower than the significant increases during 2000-2005. In the early part of the decade, dramatic decreases in state support – including a 4.7 percent reduction in 2003-04 – led to NU budget cuts and four years of steep increases in tuition. “The Board of Regents, the chancellors and I pledged to keep tuition increases moderate and predictable – provided we received adequate state support,” Milliken said. “Because of just such support from the Legislature and the Governor, we are now in a position to do that again this year.”

Under the biennial budget recommended by the Appropriations Committee and signed into law by the governor, state funding for the university will increase by 4 percent in 2007-08, and 4.1 percent in 2008-09. This will address some but not all of the University’s mandatory expenses for next year, such as salaries, utilities and maintaining our buildings, Milliken said. Even with the proposed increase in tuition, the University will be required to reallocate funds to meet these expenses.

The agenda for morning committee meetings follows:

8 a.m. Board Briefing

Topic: State Budget/Legislative Report
Presenter: James B. Milliken, President, University of Nebraska

8:30 a.m. Strategic Framework Task Force

Topic: State Funding, Tuition and Faculty Merit Compensation
Presenter: Chris Kabourek, Director of Budget, University of Nebraska

Topic: Need-Based Aid, 3-Year Accountability Measure
Presenter: President Milliken

Additional Topics: Dashboard Performance Indicators
Schedule for Setting Performance Indicators

9:30 a.m. Business Affairs Committee

Topic: 2008 Tuition and Operating Budget
Presenter: Chris Kabourek, Director of Budget, University of Nebraska

Topic: Capital Projects Review: Whittier at UNL; UNMC College of Dentistry at UNL; UNMC real estate purchase; Health, Physical Education and Recreation facility expansion/renovation at UNO
Presenters: Harvey Perlman, Chancellor, UNL
Don Leuenberger, Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, UNMC
Julie Totten, Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration, UNO
11 a.m. Academic Affairs Committee/Strategic Framework Task Force

Topic: Creating a Culture of Excellent Teaching
Presenter: Linda Pratt, Executive Vice President and Provost, NU
Joy Ritchie, Chairperson, Department of English, UNL
Peter Longo, Chairperson, Department of Political Science, UNK
Dan Wheeler, Department Head, Ag Leadership, Education and Communications, UNL/IANR
Kyle Meyer, Associate Professor, Allied Health, UNMC
Theresa Barron-McKeagney, Director, School of Social Work, UNO

Highlights of the 1 p.m. afternoon board meeting include:
  • Approval for a new Bachelor of Science in Information Assurance at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, a new interdisciplinary undergraduate major that addresses this rapidly expanding science that deals with problems in the understanding of the design, development, implementation and life cycle support of secure information systems.
  • Approval for a new Master of Laws (LL.M.) with a focus in Space and Telecommunications Law in the College of Law at UNL. No American law school offers an LL.M. degree in either space law or telecommunications, so this degree should be in high demand and provide UNL the opportunity to become the premier American program in this area.
  • Approval to name the new residence hall at the University of Nebraska at Kearney the William R. Nester Hall, in honor of Nester, former UNK Chancellor and Kearney State College President.
  • Approval to name the new Multicultural Center at UNL the John D. “Jackie” Gaughan Multicultural Center, recognizing the patriarch of the Gaughan family for the family’s generous support for construction of the Center.
  • Approval of a program contract for UNMC – in cooperation with the University of Wyoming - to support the professional training of dental students from Wyoming.

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