Enrollment Increases at University of Nebraska
Enrollment at the University of Nebraska increased for the second year in a row, with the major gains coming in first-time freshmen and non-resident enrollment. Total student enrollment increased by .8 percent, from 45,477 to 45,819, while total student credit hours increased by .8 percent. The number of first-time freshmen increased by 3.0 percent, and non-resident enrollment increased 3.4 percent.

"We've been successful in some important areas, including enrolling more first-time full-time freshmen, which is in keeping with our ongoing efforts to increase the college-going rate in Nebraska," NU President J.B. Milliken said. He added, "The fall enrollment figures show some encouraging trends, including increases in non-resident students and in the number of graduate and professional students university-wide. However, the total increase of less than one percent clearly reflects a need to strengthen our efforts in recruiting and retaining students."

With the governor's leadership, the university and others in education, government and the private sector are partnering to develop strategies to increase Nebraska's college-going rate. Nebraska ranks 17th in the U.S. in the percentage of high school graduates who go on to college (58.8 percent) – despite being ranked 5th in high school graduation rates (83.8 percent)*. "Nebraska's future depends on an educated workforce," Milliken said, “As the state's demographics change, it will become increasingly important for the university to ensure affordable access to a quality education for all Nebraskans."

Quick enrollment statistics:
Total undergraduate enrollment: + 0.1%
First-time freshmen: + 3.0%
Graduate enrollment: + 3.2%
Professional enrollment: + 0.5%
Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) enrollment: + 3.8%
Non-resident enrollment: + 3.4%
Resident enrollment: + 0.2%
UNL total enrollment: + 2.0%
UNMC total enrollment: + 2.2%
UNO total enrollment: - 1.3%
UNK total enrollment: + 0.4%

*Source: National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, 2004 (high school) and 2002 (college-going) data.

Campus contact information:
UNL: Kelly Bartling (402) 472 2059
UNMC: Tom O’Connor (402) 559-4690
UNK: Curt Carlson (308) 865-8529
UNO: Tim Kaldahl (402) 554-3502

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