Reporting Fraud
Any employee who becomes aware of fraud or abuse in the workplace is encouraged to contact the Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts. A toll-free hotline is available 24 hours a day at 471-3686 (in Lincoln) or 800-842-8238 (statewide). Complaints may be made anonymously either by phone or email. Visit for more information.

Employees may also contact the State Ombudsman (Public Counsel), an independent governmental office designed to receive and investigate miscellaneous complaints relating to administrative agencies of state government. The office can be reached by telephone at (402) 471-2035 or toll-free at (800) 742-7690. Visit the office on line at

Any such complaint or concern may be reported anonymously, but since we are not elected officials you may not be covered by the protections described in the "State Government Effectiveness Act." Your identity may also be reported to the Audit Committee of the Board of Regents, the President or other senior members of University management as well as other Audit and Advisory Service personnel who are or become responsible for investigating, evaluating, addressing or resolving the complaint or concern. Under certain circumstances, the complaint or concern may be required to be reported to State governmental or law enforcement officials. Any University employee who violates the confidentiality of a person filing a report may be subject to appropriate personnel action. All reports submitted will be reviewed by Internal Audit and Advisory Services. Internal Audit and Advisory Services, in consultation with the University's General Counsel, will determine whether an investigation is appropriate.

Individuals with concerns regarding known or suspected acts of fraud or financial misconduct may also report suspected wrongful activity by completing and submitting the disclosure form on-line.

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