Regent Michael Crabb
University of Nebraska Board of Regents, UNO

WHEREAS, Michael Crabb , who, as Student Regent and Student Body President at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, has worked tirelessly to improve the campus for the students of UNO, not only with his ardent representation to the Board of Regents, but with his passion to provide a greater experience for the students; and

WHEREAS, Regent Crabb has taken an active approach to reorganizing the Student Government of UNO by heading up a massive By‐law revision and a restructuring of SG‐UNO’s strategic plan, which in turn have greatly improved the entire organization; and

WHEREAS, under Regent Crabb’s leadership, UNO has seen an increase in sustainability awareness and has in turn launched the MavRide program that provides free bus rides to campus for students, in order to help build a greener campus, efforts that should have a long lasting effect on UNO well past his term; and

WHEREAS, Regent Crabb has successfully worked with administration to help launch the progressive and creative UNOrthodox speaker series, along with the extension of library hours, in an effort to accomplish one of the campus’ strategic goals of becoming a more academically excellent institution, both of which directly affect the student body; and

WHEREAS, Regent Crabb has gone well above and beyond his duties as a Student Body President and Student Regent and has become an admirable and true leader, who has pushed himself and his peers to help UNO realize its full potential;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Michael Crabb, the outgoing Student Body President and UNO Student Regent, be commended by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents for his outstanding resolve and his unwavering allegiance to the students within the University of Nebraska.

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