Date Recipient
02/06/2013 James O. Armitage, M.D
Breaking ground in bone marrow transplantation
02/06/2013 Alexander “Sasha” Kabanov, Ph.D., Dr.Sc
Using nanotechnology to treat cancer
02/06/2013 Bruce Avolio, Ph.D.
Gallup and UNL: Strengthening tomorrow’s executive leaders
02/06/2013 M. Anne Kessinger, M.D.
Easing the pain of bone marrow transplants
02/06/2013 Theresa Barron-McKeagney, Ph.D.
Passing on perseverance to inner city Latino students
02/06/2013 Sam Lopez, Ph.D.
Helping minority students access higher education
02/06/2013 Chris Calkins, Ph.D.
Searching for untapped potential in overlooked beef cuts
02/06/2013 Michael Meagher, Ph.D.
Developing vaccines for biological warfare
02/06/2013 John Chan, M.D.
Identifying complexities of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
02/06/2013 Gary Moulton, Ph.D.
Rediscovering American pioneers: Editing the Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
02/06/2013 Kenneth Cowan, M.D., Ph.D.
Using gene therapy to develop non-toxic cancer treatments
02/06/2013 David Nabb, Ph.D
Overcoming obstacles to make music
02/06/2013 Don Envick, Ph.D.
Advancing industrial distribution students with technical and social skills
02/06/2013 James O’Dell, M.D
Treating rheumatoid arthritis with a common acne drug
02/06/2013 Jeff French, Ph.D.
Understanding human infant care by studying marmosets
02/06/2013 David Sellmyer, Ph.D.
Understanding nanoscale technology and its data storage possibilities
02/06/2013 Michael Fromm, Ph.D.
Helping to feed the earth
02/06/2013 Byers W. Shaw, Jr., M.D
Breaking new ground in liver transplant research
02/06/2013 Howard Gendelman, M.D.
Discovering causes for nerve damage in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and HIV-dementia
02/06/2013 Kenya Taylor, Ed.D.
Educating the agriculture industry about hearing loss and conservation
02/06/2013 Thomas E. Gouttierre
Making global connections at Nebraska’s Center for Afghanistan Studies
02/06/2013 James Van Etten, Ph.D.
Discovering a virus family and the rewards of science
02/06/2013 Neal Grandgenett, Ph.D.
Jet Propulsion to GPS: Bringing the best to students
02/06/2013 Jerry Wagner, Ph.D.
Using software to help business leaders make decisions
02/06/2013 Denham Harman, M.D., Ph.D.
Pioneering aging research for five decades
02/06/2013 Les Whitbeck, Ph.D. and Dan Hoyt, Ph.D.
Assisting in the understanding and counseling of homeless adolescents
02/06/2013 Steve Hinrichs, M.D.
Establishing new biosecurity resources
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