02/06/2013 Infrastructure and Systems
The charge of this Community of Practice is to make recommendations on the use of technology and technology software to improve the ability of faculty and staff to develop and offer online courses, and to support student centered distance education services. This is an essential component of successful online programs.

Committee Members
Name Campus Title
Dan Moser
UNMC ITS Learning Environment / Internet Services
Tanya Custer UNMC Instructor, Radiation Science Technology Division
Brandon Hammond UNK Assistant Director Information Services, Info Technology Services
Karen Premer UNK Instructional Technologist, eCampus
Shelley Haberlan UNK College of Education IT Support Specialist
Charles Ansorge UNL Professor, Educational Psychology
Heath Tuttle UNL Online Learning Project Lead, Information Services
Brett Blackman UNL Director, Administrative Information Services
Shelley Schafer UNO Manager Distance Education and Academic Parterships for Instruction

Date Recipient
02/06/2013 Instructional Design and Faculty Support
The charge of this Community of Practice is to address faculty support issues, training needed and quality standards. The Online Learning as a Strategic Asset Volume I: A Resource for Campus Leaders, August 2009, Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities study reported, that campus leaders should consider such issues as adequacy of resources and support for faculty training and development, recognition of the additional time and effort it takes to develop and teach online courses, and faculty concerns about online learning outcomes. Other key issues reported, by the study, are professional support for course design and delivery, faculty incentives for development and delivery of online content, and institutional polices concerning intellectual property. Online learning programs cannot meet stated campus strategic goals without an engaged and supportive faculty.

Community of Practice Members

Name Campus Title
Steven McGahan (chair) UNK Instructional Technologist, eCampus
Scott Fredrickson UNK Professor, Teacher Education
Doug Biggs UNK Assoc. Professor, History
Beverly Russell UNL Asst. Director, Instructional Design and Development
Karen Honeycutt UNMC Asst. Professor, Clinical Laboratory Science
Patrick Rejda UNMC Instructional Technologist I, College of Nursing
Tom Birk UNMC Sr. Instructional Designer, ITS Learning Environment & Internet Services
Karen Hein UNO Sr. Coordinator for Instructional Design & Faculty Support
02/06/2013 Communities of Practice
Faculty and staff from the four campuses involved in distance education programs will be invited to join one or more Communities of Practice, giving them a voice in strategic developments related to instructional design and faculty support, infrastructure and systems, student services, and grants. Community of Practice members are appointed by the Director of Online Worldwide in consultation with the campus Distance Education Directors.

Communities of Practice:
02/06/2013 Student Services
The charge of this Community of Practice is to evaluate student services, define issues and assist in facilitating needed change. To a large extent, the University of Nebraska distance education student services have been developed in the same fashion as its bricks-and-mortar programs and are reliant on existing on-campus services and staff hours. This can be challenging for the student in that a large number of online students do their course work at nighttime and on the weekends. Making it more convenient for distance education students to access essential IT and other support services at times that work for them is important in that a majority of adult learners are trying to fit their courses into an already busy schedule. While the focus of Online Worldwide is attracting new off-campus distance education students, the distance education service must facilitate policies and procedures to accommodate seamless access of off-campus students, on-campus students, on-campus students at other campuses and high school students taking college online courses.

Community of Practice Members

Name Campus Title
Lanyce Keel (chair) UNO Director of Academic Computing, Academic Partnerships for Instruction
Dusty Newton UNK Director, Admissions
Sheryl Heidenreich UNK III/DD/Distance Education Librarian/Assoc. Professor, Library
Donna Menke UNL Student Services Coordinator, EE&O Distance Education Pgms
Tiffany Heng-Moss UNL Assoc. Professor, Entomology
Jessica Tschirren UNMC Public Health Education Program Assoc., COPH Office of the Dean
Maggie Winnicki UNMC Dist. Ed. Administrative Coordinator Allied Health-Services Admin. Div
David Cassiday UNO Dist. Ed. Manager, Division of Continuing Studies
Becky Pasco UNO Professor, Teacher Education
02/06/2013 Marketing Committee
Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee, with representatives from each campus, has the responsibility for developing and implementing the website implementation plan and the marketing plan that will brand distance education programs as University of Nebraska/Online Worldwide. This responsibility includes overseeing website and promotional communications to current and potential distance education students. The goal is to identify marketing strategies to gain the strongest position we can in the marketplace.

Committee Members

Name Campus Title
Laura Wiese (chair) UNOW Marketing Director
Jill Bertsch UNOW Marketing Coordinator
Katelyn Ideus UNOW Marketing Coordinator
Hayley Patton UNOW Military Specialist
Sharon Stephan UNCA Vice President for University Affairs
Gloria Vavricka UNK Director, eCampus
Randy Mattley UNK Director Advertising/Creative Services
Alyssa Baker UNK Marketing and Communications Specialist
Courtney Diegel UNL Recruiter
Billie Strand UNL Recruiter
Marie Barber UNL Executive Director, Office of Online and Distance Education
Jan Tompkins UNMC Director/Academic Affairs, College of Allied Health
Dawn Nevarez UNMC Brand Manager, Public Relations
Jennifer Carroll UNO Director, Military and Veterans Service Office
Jaci Lindburg UNO Academic Affairs Manager
Emily Poeschl UNO Associate Director of Marketing
Shelley Schafer UNO Manager Distance Education
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