Vicki L. Adolf
Vicki L. Adolf
Nurse Coordinator
Geriatric Psychiatry Department

This KUDOS award goes to Vicki L. Adolf, who is the Nurse Coordinator in the Geriatric Psychiatry Department at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Although Vicki is not the most highly visible employee within the department, her work and contribution are vital to the success of the program.
More often than not, Vicki is out in the community serving the needs of 11 different Omaha area nursing homes; working with the staff, its patients and their families. Her responsibilities include monitoring patient responses to treatments, gathering medical information and establishing strong relationships with these various institutions to ensure the best care possible is provided. This ultimately enables changes to be made in a patient’s treatment in a timely matter, while keeping physicians’ time free to help more patients.
Vicki is also a superb role model to medical students, residents and fellows who have the privilege of accompanying her to the nursing home and is considered the model professional by several of her colleagues, acting both independently and responsibly.

Pictured: Pictured: front row: daughter, Kylie Adolf; daughter, Cassidy Adolf; son, Chance Adolf; Vicki Adolf; Regent Jonathan Croskey; back row: Chancellor Harold Maurer; supervisor, Steven Wengel; and husband, Jeff Adolf.

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