Daryl P. Swanson
Daryl P. Swanson
Director of the Nebraska Unions


This KUDOS award goes to Daryl Swanson, Director of the Nebraska Unions at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In 1966, Daryl became a full-time Assistant Director of the Union and has served as director since 1979. Since then, he has been providing strong and steady leadership for UNL’s two unions, the Culture Center and University Child Care. He constantly asks the question “What will best benefit our students?”

This is illustrated in his commitment to two very important groups of students over the years, students of color and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students. Daryl has always viewed the Nebraska Unions as the “living room” of the campus and that it should be open and available to all students.

Daryl has also become an “institutional historian” of sorts with his impressive ability to recall facts, figures and personnel both past and present. All of which will be missed when he retires in June.

Pictured: Pictured: Tish Roland, colleague; Jamar Banks, colleague; Joe Richeson, son-in-law; Angie Richeson, daughter; Chiara Richeson, granddaughter; James Griesen, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs; Mary Swanson, wife; Regent Wilson; Gina Matkin, colleague; Linda Major, colleague; Daryl Swanson; Gerry Van Ackeren, colleague; Amy Stewart, colleague; Chancellor Perlman; Mike Leupold, colleague; and Greg

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