David K. Peterson
David K. Peterson
Associate Campus Planner
Department of Institutional Research and Planning

The KUDOS award goes to David K. Peterson, Associate Campus Planner at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the Department of Institutional Research and Planning. Rarely can the contributions of an employee physically be seen while walking around UNL’s campuses. In Dave’s case it is quite the contrary. For the past twenty years he has been instrumental in the visioning, planning and implementation of UNL’s master plan. While the physical planning of an institution is a team function, Dave brings superior knowledge, professionalism and credibility and is superb at building consensus with individuals across campus. He has also demonstrated his ability to be very progressive and proactive. As technology and software have evolved, so has Dave’s ability to use these tools to enhance his work.
Pictured: Pictured: Brad Treaster, son-in-law; Christine Treaster, daughter; Hazel Peterson, wife; Chancellor Harvey Perlman; David K. Peterson; and Regent Wilson.

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