Tom O’Connor
Tom O’Connor
Senior Associate Director of the Public Affairs Department


The Board of Regents is pleased to present Tom O’Connor, Senior Associate Director of the Public Affairs Department at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, with a Kudos award. Tom is a tireless advocate for UNMC, often the first to arrive at the office in the morning and last to leave each evening. As the face and voice of UNMC, he juggles media requests, inquiries from campus contacts and the Chancellor’s office, and finds time to pitch stories about UNMC’s students and faculty to publications all over the world. If the number of Kudos recommendations with Tom’s name on them are any indication, he is beloved by his colleagues. One wrote, “The old adage, ‘the difficult we do immediately and the impossible takes us an extra day’ is Tom’s mantra.” Tom is calm under fire, and always makes time for people who stop by to talk shop, without giving any hint that his to-do list is overflowing. He is also highly respected by members of the press, which is crucial for a person in his field. He has also been instrumental in strengthening the working relationships among communications professionals on all University of Nebraska campuses. Tom is joined today by his wife, Karen, his daughter Kelly, son Andy and his wife Jenn, grandchildren Carson and Kennedy, and colleague Sandy Goetzinger. Tom, many thanks for your dedication to your job and to the University of Nebraska.
Pictured: Pictured: Chancellor Maurer; daughter, Kelly; wife, Karen; grandson, Carson; Tom O’Connor; colleague, Sandy Goetzinger; Regent Behrendt; son, Andy; daughter-in-law, Jenn; and granddaughter, Kennedy.

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