Date Recipient
09/14/2012 Paula Allen
Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Association of Students, UNL
09/14/2012 Zainudeen (Deen) Popoola
Director of Custodial Services, UNL
09/14/2012 Christy Tilford
Interim Director for Undergraduate Admissions, UNO
09/14/2012 Robyn Schoenebeck
Enrollment Evaluator in the Office of Student Records and Registration, UNK
06/08/2012 Bethany DeCarolis
Grants & Contracts Specialist in Sponsored Programs Administration, UNMC
06/08/2012 David Brown
Computer Technician, College of Public Affairs and Community Service, UNO
06/08/2012 KrisAnn Sullivan
Director of UNK’s historic Frank House
06/08/2012 William Noel
Custodial Specialist for Facilities Management & Planning: Assigned to the Sheldon Museum of Art, UNL
04/13/2012 Gary Beck
Coordinator of Undergraduate Medical Education in the Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine
04/13/2012 Craig Adler
Business Analyst for the Registrar’s Office, UNO
04/13/2012 Don Wellensiek
Event/Moving Team Leader, UNK
04/13/2012 Joel Brehm
Web Developer and Graphic Design Specialist in the Office of Research and Economic Development, UNL
03/02/2012 Debra Predmore
Accounting Technician for the Bureau of Sociological Research , UNL
03/02/2012 Julie Lanxon
Office Supervisor in Child, Youth and Family Studies in IANR, UNL
03/02/2012 Becky Karel
Administrative Assistant at the Milo Bail Student Center, UNO
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