Date Recipient
01/24/2014 Jean Jacobson
Collection Coordinator, Museum of Nebraska Art | UNK
01/24/2014 Linda Major
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs | UNL
01/24/2014 Amber Brannigan
Inventory Operations & Building Keys Manager | UNL
01/24/2014 David Sample
Facilities Operator in Maintenance and Utility Services | UNO
01/24/2014 Judy Anderson
Accreditation Coordinator | UNMC
09/20/2013 Tamora Plugge
Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs | UNK
09/20/2013 Kellie Devney
Residency Program Coordinator in Neurosurgery for the College of Medicine | UNMC
09/20/2013 Eric Haynes
Director of Athletic Facilities for Memorial Stadium | UNL
09/20/2013 Lisa Paskewitz
Office Assistant for Enrollment Management | UNO
06/07/2013 Marc Bauer
Head Coach - Wrestling, UNK
06/07/2013 Susan Mininni
Facilities Management and Planning, UNO
06/07/2013 Chris Larson
Executive Administrator to the Chancellor, UNMC
03/15/2013 Lisa Medina
Assistant Director of Sports Clubs & Youth Programs, UNO
03/15/2013 Michelle Hamaker
Director of Police & Parking Services, UNK
03/15/2013 Carla Werner
Administrative Associate with Cooperative Extension Division, UNL
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