Date Recipient
01/30/2015 Anthony Bolan
Business Analyst, Information Security Office, UNO
01/30/2015 Dave Hadenfeldt
Director; Print, Copy, Mail, Merchandise and Distribution Offices; UNL
01/30/2015 Shawn Kaskie
Director, Center for Rural Research and Development, UNK
01/30/2015 Kavita Mallya
Researcher, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UNMC
09/19/2014 Brooke Clements
Assistant Director of Academic Advising & Career Development, UNO
09/19/2014 Patrick McBride
Associate Dean of Admissions, UNL
09/19/2014 Juan Carlos Guzman
Director of Multicultural Affairs, UNK
09/19/2014 Laura Robinson
Administrator II, UNMC
07/18/2014 Jojen Allder
Lithographic Press Operator, UNL
07/18/2014 William Pickett
Senior Director of Involvement and Director of Housing, UNO
07/18/2014 Barbara Estes
Business Manager in the Office of International Education, UNK
07/18/2014 Athena Ramos
College of Pharmacy Assessment Associate, UNMC
05/30/2014 Jaclyn Smith
College of Pharmacy Assessment Associate, UNMC
05/30/2014 Venkatesh Namachivayam
Business Analyst, Information Technology Services, UNK
05/30/2014 Mari Greer
Administrative Coordinator of Research, UNL
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