Date Recipient
11/06/2008 Lisa Neal
Assistant Director of Institutional Research, UNK
11/06/2008 Jennifer Dam
Assistant Director for Campus Planning and Space Management, UNL
09/04/2008 Jennifer Crozier
Office Associate in General Surgery, UNMC
09/04/2008 Geri Backora and Roxie Freeman
Clerical Assistants for Athletics, UNO
09/04/2008 Marcia Gugelman
Building Service Tech, UNK
09/04/2008 Tisha Gilreath Mullen
Proposal Development Coordinator, UNL
06/12/2008 Walter Murphy
Manager, Information Technology Services, UNMC
06/12/2008 Audrey Kauders
Director, Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA), UNK
06/12/2008 Joel Webb
Radiation Safety Officer and Associate Director of Environmental Health and Safety, UNL
06/12/2008 Amber Hunter
Associate Director of Admissions, UNL
04/18/2008 Janet Padrnos
Administrative Technician, Cashiering and Student Accounts, UNO
04/18/2008 Vicki Hamm
Administrative Director, Graduate Medical Education Program, UNMC
04/18/2008 Stacy Adams
Manager of the Greenhouse, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, IANR
04/18/2008 Elaine K. Gokie
Associate Director, Student Records, UNK
04/18/2008 Jeff Burdic
Academic Advisor, College of Business Administration, UNL
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