Date Recipient
12/10/2009 Gary Aerts
Enterprise Information Solutions Group-Information Services Director, UNL
10/29/2009 Jeri Cunningham
Office Associate in Entomology Department of IANR, UNL
10/29/2009 Suzanne Becking
Instructional Tech Design Specialist, UNL
10/29/2009 Tim Fitzgerald
Manager of Photography, UNO
10/29/2009 Nick Knopik
Construction Project Manager, UNMC
10/29/2009 Joan DeHaven
Accounts Payable Manager, UNK
09/03/2009 ASG/CSN Team
09/03/2009 Melanie Schrack
Director of Pediatric Research Office, UNMC
09/03/2009 Charlie Griesen
Project Manager, UNL
09/03/2009 Julie Keys
Administrative Tech I, UNL
09/03/2009 Joseph Hrabak
Assistant Research Systems Manager, UNO
09/03/2009 Lee McQueen
Director of Facilities Management and Planning, UNK
06/12/2009 Jody Wood
Secretarial Specialist for Equity, Access and Diversity Programs, UNL
06/12/2009 Diane Longo
Coordinator of the English Language Institute in the Department of International Education, UNK
06/12/2009 Anthony Huerta
Employee Records Technician, UNMC
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