Date Recipient
12/03/2015 Galen Kathol
Business Director, Dean’s Office, College of Medicine, UNMC
10/27/2015 Vanessa Rath
Parking and Transit Operations Manager, UNO
10/27/2015 Susan Deiger
Office Associate in the Department of Music and Performing Arts, Theatre Program, UNK
10/27/2015 Priscilla Phillips
Administrator I, Pediatric Cardiology at UNMC
10/27/2015 Tonda Humphress
Programs Coordinator in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UNL
08/06/2015 Miriam McCann
Safety and Compliance Program Manager in Comparative Medicine, UNMC
08/06/2015 Diana L. Jones
Associate Director of Student Records, UNK
08/06/2015 Hank Robinson
Director of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, UNO
06/19/2015 Bob Skates
Facility Operations Manager for the West Central Research and Extension Center, UNL
06/19/2015 Katherine Keiser
Licensed mental health practitioner in the UNO Counseling Center, UNO
06/19/2015 Todd Gottula
Director of News and Internal Communications, UNK
06/19/2015 Ryan Shaw
Web Designer in the Public Relations department at, UNMC
04/10/2015 Casandra Siefkes
Graduate secretary in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, College of Arts and Sciences, UNL
04/10/2015 Nancy M. Johnson
Office associate in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology, UNK
04/10/2015 Robin Jaeckel
Administrative associate II in the Public Health dean’s office, UNMC
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