Date Recipient
10/27/2011 Ismael Torres
Health Education Coordinator, Division of Counseling and Health Care, UNK
10/27/2011 Robert Rhynalds
Scientific Instrument Maker, Chemistry and Physics Instrument Shop, UNL
09/08/2011 Earl Hawkey
Director of the Office of Registration and Records, UNL
09/08/2011 Robert Gier
Supply Control Supervisor, Moving Services and University Stores, UNL
09/08/2011 Lisa Runco
Vice Chair for Administration and Finance and Administrator IV, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, UNMC
09/08/2011 Gui-Jie-Zhang
1+2+1 Program Coordinator, Office of International Education, UNK
09/08/2011 Teonne Wright
Webmaster, Criss Library, UNO
06/16/2011 Susan Prusia
Accountant II in the School of Allied Health Administration, UNMC
06/16/2011 Kim Rauscher
Executive Assistant in the Chancellor's Office, UNL
06/16/2011 Christy Madsen
Childcare Teacher in the UNK Child Development Center, UNK
04/28/2011 Curt Phillips
Workstation Specialist III in Information Technology Services, UNMC
04/28/2011 Jenny Holen
Office Associate in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, UNK
04/28/2011 Karen Underwood
Project Manager for the Office of Research and Economic Development, UNL
04/28/2011 Katie Sup Rezac
Academic Advisor in the Division of Continuing Studies, UNO
03/10/2011 Jeanne Schultz
Cataloging Associate, UNK
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